Sheridan Supports LGBTQ+ is governed by an elected board of volunteer directors. Current general members are encouraged to volunteer on various committees.  Members are welcome at our general meetings, usually the 4th Monday of each month. Our meetings are held in the Sheridan County Fulmer Library in the Fulmer Room on the second floor, unless posted otherwise.  

Sheridan Supports LGBTQ+ is a non-profit organization registered with the State of Wyoming as Sheridan Supports LGBTQ+, and is recognized as a tax-exempt organization under section 501c(3) of the IRS code. Donations to Sheridan Supports LGBTQ+ are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Board of Directors

Kenneth Allen - President

Hi, I’m Kenneth, also known as Kenny to many of my peers. I am currently serving as President of Sheridan Supports LGBTQ+. I am 30 years old and came out as gay at age 19. Over the last several years I have been able to grow and mature into a person who has a fire lit inside to carry out the determination to help those who need it most. I have been in healthcare for a decade and have had a vast amount of education and experience in many different areas within healthcare. 

In addition to that, I serve our community as being a voice for LGBTQ+ persons and their allies. There are many whom fear that if their voice is heard, they will have a difficult life. We should not let that thought and those worries get in the way of who we are. However, so many people are silence with fear of retribution, and this is something that needs to change.

When I asked for assistance in forming a non-profit organization to help better the future for our LGBTQ+ population in north east Wyoming, I had a tremendous amount of support to help me. 

Our organization works as a team and strives for the best future possible for not only ourselves, but our family, friends and neighbors who seek to experience a life without discrimination and hatred. To be able to love someone without facing fear and worthlessness as well as to be able to express themselves freely without backlash.

It is important to keep building an organization who can see the value of everyone and strive to continue education so that the ignorant can be informed with facts instead of rumors, eventually leading into a time in which we can all live freely and become successful citizens of our wonderful state and country.

We have so much work to do and I am honored to be a part of a team that has the fire within to help make a difference not only in Sheridan and Wyoming, but the nation. Small steps and determination equal great reward in the future.

Tehn F. - Vice President

Hello there my name is Tehnehn Ehsahni-Suah Kaijaah and I am 27 years old. I am originally from Atlanta, GA and was born to immigrant parents from LIberia (which is a small country in West Africa). I am just your average fat, trans, queer, nonbinary, radical black activist. I was very involved in the amazing black queer community(and larger community) where I found friendship and family. I certainly hope to create something as magical and accepting here as I found in Ga. I am a painter, makeup enthusiast and love music.Sheridan Supports has embraced me and I just want to give the kindness, and understanding that has been shown to me to others in the community. Diversity and Inclusion are so important to the group and I so we are ready to make Sheridan a place that LGBTQIQA+ folx will want to thrive in.


Tehnehn (they/them)

Nick C. - Treasurer

Education, inclusiveness and appreciation are three simple words I try to incorporate into my every day life.  Being a part of this group enables me to accomplish this.  Serving on the Board as Treasurer and aiding in our mission and visions gives me the ability to assist in brining to our community awareness and support.  Being born in Wyoming and then having the chance to live in several different areas of the great United States has given me a wonderful perspective and a true appreciation for my blessings.  My hopes and dreams for this group are to provide learning opportunities, safe spaces and the ability to build tremendous relationships throughout our entire community.

Alex E. - Secretary

Hi, I'm Alex and I am passionate about making the world safer and happier.  I firmly believe that education should be a constant goal for everyone, and I strive to continue my own education and help others with theirs.  I'm fortunate to have come out in Atlanta, where the queer and trans scene is very vibrant and where activism is thriving.  It was there that I met the love of my life, Tehn.   

Sunny T. - Director

Hi, I'm Sunny, a  Director with Sheridan Supports LGBTQ+( We have more Director positions open on our Board, hint-hint) and  I'm going to share a bit of my story.

I began my LGBTQ+ advocacy journey when I was about 15.  I lived in a small rural town, designated as a Daisy Preserve, in Southern California.  There were only 5 homes on our street, and we were surrounded by lumbering Holsteins.  Life was calm and predictable, my largest concern was choosing the height of the next Doc Martens I was going to buy.  Little Punk kid me, in the methane fields of spotted cows.  Then Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) began to be talked about on every news channel, and pictures of  weeping wound-ridden, skeletal men were being shown. There wasn't much actual information about AIDS available.  It was new, having only been identified 4 years prior, misinformation was everywhere and everyone was spreading it.

Then my friend asked me for help and it would change my life.  She was working with a small group of folks that helped AIDS inflicted people stay alive longer.  At the time our President hadn't publically said the word, and an AIDS patient's life expectancy was about 14 months.  14 months, that was being optimistic, as many succummed to pneumonia, starvation, and suicide  within a few months.  14 months was for the wealthy people being kept hydrated, medicated and nourished by health professionals.  What was my 15 year old, hardcore Punk self going to do about this?  I fought,  with Love.  We had a Meal-on-Wheels type program set up.  We'd deliver easily digestible foods, marijuana and Love to stricken people.  Yes, illegal, but neccessary and absolutely Punk to fight for the goodness of others.  People with AIDS didn't have appetites, marijuana brought them hunger.  They ate, we'd talk, and they stayed alive a bit longer.

I have kept this secret for many years, until my kiddo was in college and doing a paper on the AIDS epidemic.  I told my story, and they asked how many of the folks I catered to, for 4 years, had died from AIDS complications.  All of them.  Every one of those people died. The vast majority died after being disowned by their families, losing their jobs, and losing their friends.  I stopped counting them, the dead, somewhere around the 50 mark, but that was only the first year.  All of them.  

I'm the, "Late to the game" one in our group.  I knew I was attracted to some women, sometimes.  My friend is a Lesbian and she is amazing!  I thought about her so much, our friendship lit a fire in me.  Coolest chick I've ever known.  It wasn't until my mom had asked me if I were dating my friend (I laughed, "No Ma, I'm not gay") that it hit me.  Wait a minute, I AM in love with this wild gal.  Focus Sunny, nahh, or..., damnit, I'm gay.  What do I do now?  I did the honest thing, I allowed myself to Love this beautiful soul.

I'm hoping for big things for the Sheridan LGBTQ+ community.   I want all people to feel Love, Hope, and Acceptance.  We are all here to help, be it the LGBTQ+ individual, their allies, or their confused family and friends. 

Sheridan Supports LGBTQ+

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