Sheridan Supports LGBTQ+

Our Vision



We are made up of multiple intersecting identities and histories.  Together we are a community that is respectful and values the diverse perspectives of all groups.  

We will:

  • Provide Safety
  • Craft Community
  • Ensure Support
  • Collaborate & Provide Educational Opportunities
  • Promote Inclusivity
  • Be Loving

Our History


Our organization was seeded from a group of LGBTQ+ persons and allies that met monthly for support and belonging. Over the years, this group has grown in numbers, ideals, goals and values. Our group formed an official Board of Directors in May of 2019 and became federally recognized as a 501 (c) 3 in September 2019. Today, we continue to grow and advance to a brighter future. We are a nonprofit concentrating on advocacy in our community and surrounding areas.

Our Mission


 We are who we are.  We work toward creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive, equitable, supportive, loving, and educational environment for all LGBTQ+ people and allies.  We aim to sustain visibility and promote a sense of community throughout Northern Wyoming. We are committed to building equity and providing high-quality culturally sensitive care. 

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